Let us bring the casino to you

We don't play for money - please just have fun.

We bring you excitement by adding variety, a playful, and intelligent part to your party, social events, and banquets. It is an additional and cultivated program for company parties and formal company events, offering a unique atmosphere.

Our equipment for the traditional casino gambling games of Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, and Craps is made in an easily-transportable format so that we may bring to you a bit of hazard and passion, but without the risk of ruin and losing your head.

Our croupiers (most of whom are sweet and kind-hearted) truly love their work and will explain, with pleasure, a few tricks in the otherwise often simple rules. People love to play and when they play they do not get bored or cross. Playing games is a seriously good and meaningful way of having fun. Organised collective fun can sometimes embarrassingly fizzle out, but Roulette, Black Jack, and Poker naturally draw guests into the game.
All our games are adrenalin-filled, and at the same time, comfortable, without unnecessarily complicated rules, and are easy on the eye.
In addition, for some people the sound of dropping balls is music to the ears.

Try our „cultivated depravity“ risk-free.